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• High speed CNC machining, CNC vertical milling, and CNC lathe
• Wire EDM machining, conventional sinker EDM, and micro hole drilling
• Prototypes, components, assemblies, and complete products
• Materials include metals, plastics and more

Besides precision CNC machining, high speed machining and wire EDM machining we can completely assemble your products. Let us show you how A1 JAYS MACHINING can add value by being your single source provider for manufacturing and assembly of your product. A1 JAYS MACHINING excels in complexity and precision in CNC and WIRE EDM machining. Our ability to work on complex parts is apparent when we are sometimes the only supplier that can do the high tolerance manufacturing that our customers need.

A1 JAYS MACHINING can work with a wide assortment of material types. We have experience machining metals like aluminum, steel, bronze, stainless steel, titanium, brass, torlon, lexan, acrylic, PET, PPS, kovar, invar, copper, plastics and other materials. We are eager to work with you to manufacture high quality products with the materials that you need.
When complexity and precision are essential, A1 JAYS MACHINING offers you a wide range of precision CNC machining capabilities to meet tight tolerances and exacting needs. Our precision CNC machining services include: High speed CNC machining, CNC vertical milling, CNC lathe, Wire EDM machining, Conventional Sinker EDM, Surface Grinding and Micro hole drilling for high precision parts.

Our precision CNC machining team can help you with every phase of your project as we offer prototype development, component manufacturing, total assemblies and complete product solutions, all within our dedicated machining and manufacturing facility. Our specialists can work with your product design from inception to completion, ensuring each requirement is met to the highest precision. Our clean and organized machining facility has state of the art equipment to handle almost any precision CNC machining need. We are your single source for precision CNC machining!

We are willing to work with a few parts to thousands depending on the phase of your project. Our clients will sometimes have us machine their prototypes before moving to high volume machining. Being able to manufacture products at low volumes can be important for product development, quality, and ensuring that product specifications are fully refined before producing thousands of products and going to market.

Our customers know they are just a phone call away from personalized service. They appreciate our comprehensive equipment inventory and reverse engineering capabilities. We've earned their business, and we would like to earn your business, too.