5 AXIS MACHINING is the future. Our latest acquisition is the industry coveted DOOSAN DVF-5000 with a 8 PC PALLET CHANGER. The DVF is a newly designed 5-axis vertical machining center that is fully packaged to handle diverse 5-sided or simultaneous 5-axis applications to meet a variety of customer needs. These VMCs offer a diverse range of tailored options and automation that make them ideal for unmanned machining. They come automation-ready and supplied with an optional/retrofittable AWC (Auto Work piece Changer) that provides additional productivity by offering up pallets to feed the machine for unattended machining. The 5000 will hold 8 pallets.

Does your company currently rely on 3-axis machining? While 3-axis machining has its benefits, it does pose certain manufacturing limitations. The primary difference is that 5-axis machining introduces the element of rotation of the A and B axes. In addition to enabling faster production of complex shapes, the 5-axis parts production process results in a higher-quality surface finish. Other important 5-axis CNC machining benefits include:

Shorter lead times:

The enhanced capabilities of the 5-axis machine results in decreased production times, which translate into shorter lead times for your production projects. This allows you to provide better service to your customer base.

Greater accuracy:

5-axis machining and milling offers a level of precision that 3-axis processes cannot replicate, which is crucial if your finished products must adhere to strict quality and performance specifications. 5-axis machining also eliminates the need to move the workpiece among multiple workstations, thereby reducing the risk of error.

Use of shorter cutting tools:

It is feasible to produce high-quality 5-axis machined parts with the use of shorter cutters, which can reduce the vibration that frequently occurs when machining deep cavities with a 3-axis process. This typically results in a smoother surface finish. The use of a shorter cutting tool also allows for a higher cutting speed without putting excess pressure on the tool.

Creating new business opportunities:

Many companies find that 5-axis milling increases the types of products and services they can offer to their customers and prospects. This enables them to capture a larger segment of the market and take their entire business operation to a whole new level.

As many as 60 percent of the parts produced in CNC shops these days require five-sided machining. As such, 5-axis milling and machining services are in high-demand for various applications in a wide range of industries. A primary consumer of 5-axis machining services is the aerospace industry, where machined parts must be designed to conform to the aerodynamic shapes found in most types of aircraft. 5-axis production parts are also key components when manufacturing products for the food processing, pharmaceutical, medical and energy production industries


Our 5-AXIS MACHINE LIST includes:
  • 2 X DOOSAN DVF 5000 - NEW
  • 3 X DOOSAN DNM 350 - NEW

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